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Why chose RoseGold Construction?

RoseGold Construction offers a scope of services and wants to bring our client's vision to real life. From small goals to large projects, we work to complete them with high quality materials and trusted professionals. We actively listen to our clients needs firsthand and find ways to create the most value for your future investment. We are here to work with you and help meet and exceed your expectations.

How to start the process?

For starters, it all begins with vision. What are you looking to renovate or create? We

want to listen and develop a strategic plan to ensure the best and most affordable

proposal is established to help build your dream home. If you’re ready to get started, our four-step proven process is here to help.

Proven Process

A. Visionary

  • Talk about your golas, needs and desires.

  • Discuss desired budget and investment comfort zone.

  • Request photos, rough drawings or dimensiones of areas to assist in giving budget ranges for the project.

  • Determine ballpark price to build remodeling project.

B. Design / Pre-Construction

  • Implement Design Services Agreement.

  • Review Design Plans Created by Architect / Interior Designer, make any changes and revisions.

  • Visit our Trust Supplies and Pick the material you like along with our Interior Designer.

  • Finalize Design & Finance.

  • Obtain Building Permits.

C. Construction

  • Execute Project within a Timely Manner.

  • Communicate schedule weekly.

  • Communicate work performed weekly

  • Update homeowner about changes that may require cost increases or credits due to changes in scope of work.

D. Manifestation

  • Remodel Complete

  • Provide homeowner with 1 year limited warranty agreement

  • Walkthrough with homeowners

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